Make Agile Daily Stand Up More Efficient, Use the Car Park

Car Park Stand Up

Daily Stand Up and Agile Meetings

I want to share a cool technique I picked up a while a go, its a good technique to use if you find that your daily stand up or other agile meetings or even meetings that have a specific agenda go of track or off topic.

Car Parking Technique

Car Park Monopoly

This is a simple way of making sure that any discussions stay on the subject, and any tangents are quickly isolated and ‘postponed’.

All you need is:

  • Post It Notes
  • A pen
  • A whiteboard / paper attached to wall or something similar.

On the whiteboard / paper, draw a square box and label it ‘Car Park’. This will become a space where you can ‘park’ ideas, suggestions, questions or feedback that are not directly associated with the topic.

The scrum master (or even a team member, meeting facilitator) has the right to say “This is off topic, lets car park this and take it off-line”.

You then write the topic on a post it note and stick it in the car park for later discussion.

Car Park Stand Up

At the end of the daily stand up / agile meeting, you can then quickly review the board; you might find that some questions have already been answered, and topics that involve certain people can then commence.


Not only is it a good way of keeping meetings in line, but they can also act as a reminder that a discussion needs to take place. So many times I have seen a topic or question raised for later discussion, then at the end of the meeting its forgotten or not addressed.

See below for corresponding slides:


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