Tips for Distributed Team: The Live Window

Live Window

The Live Window

See your scrum distributed team in real-time.

It happens quite a lot these days; scrum teams are often distributed across various locations. In one of my previous companies my team were split between two locations. This obviously brings many complications such as communication, meetings, collaboration and team building.

There are many tools that can help with many of these issues, but I discovered one method that helped to stimulate a little more of a ‘team feeling’ or unity into the team.

The concept is called a ‘live window’.

Live Window Distributed Teams

It’s basically a live stream between your offices and locations;  we mounted a screen on the wall, linked it up to a PC and a mic and streamed each other’s office to each other. It was good to see the team every day in real-time. The mic was default turned off, but if you ever needed to talk with someone in the remote office you could just both go up to your screen, enable the mic and have a quick chat ‘face-to-face’.

Live Window Distributed Teams

At first, it felt a bit like ‘big brother’; but once you get past that it’s actually quite a cool concept.

We then advanced this with a second screen. Because we were distributed teams, we used a virtual scrum board, the second screen showed the scrum board, which we could then discuss during the daily stand up; held in front of these screens. If you are a real ‘money bags’ then you can even incorporate a dashboard.

Live Window Distributed Teams

I find it’s a great way to keep a healthy team environment, even though both teams were in different locations and time zones.

Live Window Distributed Teams


Below is a photo of the actual setup:

Live Window Distributed Teams


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