What’s in a Name: Why full-stack agile?

Whats in a Name

Whats in a name? Why full-stack agile?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)


Whats in a Name

So this probably should have been my first post, but I will do it now; better late than never!

You will probably notice a change in the branding of my blog, so I just wanted to post a small article on the reasons.


Blog v1.0

So my original blog was titled ‘Kantan Agile’:

Whats in a Name

When I was originally thinking of a name for my blog, I thought for a long time. I wanted it to be something that reflected my values and principles.

I spent some time thinking about what they were, and the most common theme and value that kept coming up was ….


Everything I do, any team I work with, any process I implement should be and centres around simplicity. I really hate over complications; it’s probably my biggest pet peeve.

I find in a lot of companies, especially the bigger ones who have had structure and process in place for a long time, are the worst offenders. They build and build on what they already have, adding layers, little restructuring, the feeling that they don’t need to improve; only leading to a big complication and mess.

I’m a massive advocate of reviewing, questioning why and the benefits and adapting. Its a key slogan of the agile mind frame ‘inspect and adapt’. If I feel things are getting too complicated, I review, dissect and try to simplify. In my career, I have found it to be the best way to work, and this why I fell so much in love with the agile mentality, more specifically the Scrum framework.

I understand change is hard, people don’t like it… it scares people. For the role of the Scrum Master, this is part of the job; to educate, and remove impediments. An impediment might not always be dependencies that are blocking progress, I think it can also be in a sub optimise process or non-functional team structure.

So, why Kantan? I had spent some time learning how things are done in the far east, in Asia. Its where Kanban originated from and their always feels like there is an air of simplicity with everything that they do.

Kantan translates to Simple in Japanese. Kantan Agile, simple agile.

Whats in a Name

Blog v2.0

So thats all well and good, and I liked the name but after a while it didn’t really stick with me. I didn’t find the name ‘catchy’ and didn’t really want something that I had to explain what it mean’t all the time. So I went back to the drawing board and went through various versions for a new name.

I got to thinking what I wanted by blog to be about, what would be the content, what would be the scope of what I would be talking about. I went through my Trello board on my backlog of post ideas, and then it came to me. My blog is about agile (obviously), but its not just about a specific agile ‘flavour’ or from a particular perspective. I fortunately have experience working from both the business and I.T sides of the fence; I read and study a lot and feel I can cover a broad range of topics. I was also at the same time trying to think of some ‘buzz words’ in the industry, something I could relate too, then it hit me:

Whats in a Name

‘Full Stack’; Im covering the full stack of agile.

So thats it, my small journey on how I named my blog. Please check back, comment, give me feedback on my posts. I will try to post frequently as possible. Although most of my posts so far have been quite high level and based around Scrum, I will start to look into more aspects of the agile mindset, and the flavours of agile from all perspectives and angles.


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