How to Track ‘Non-Scrum’ Events?

Non Scrum Events

Tracking Events

So anyone who practices Agile, Scrum or Kanban etc will know that there are key events that must take place during the sprint:

  • Sprint Planning
  • Daily Stand ups
  • Sprint Retrospective
  • Sprint Review
  • Backlog Refinement

Most of these are recurring, they happen at the same time each week and become second nature and part of our routine. But what about all the other events that take place that are not specific to a product management methodology?

  • Code Freeze
  • Deployments
  • Team Events
  • Trainings / Brown Bag Lunches
  • Important Deadlines
  • Other important events

These may be events that are not so common, or not part of our routine and can sometimes be forgotten.

Initially, my solution to this was to create a shared calendar, with all the important information and key dates etc, but over time I found that people just generally ignore them. When they pop up on your screen and see them, most people just close them – especially if they are working on their tasks. And realistically, how many developers check their calendar on a frequent daily basis?

Another issue I find with the above is that its not very transparent, and depending on how busy your calendar is or what you track there personally, the calendar can get cluttered and important events just tend to get lost.

Tracking Sprint Events


The Solution

A cool way to track important team events is to visualize and display them. Create a board on your wall similar to the one below, containing the days of your sprint. Then on each day user post it notes or stickers to add important dates. Colour code them to categorize them also makes easier viewing or can relate to importance.

I find it a good practice to try and plan your week highlighting these important events, or even try to do it over the sprint if possible.

Tracking Sprint Events

This can then be tied into your daily standup, and before the close of the meeting everyone briefly discusses the important events for the day, or maybe looks at what was not completed the previous day. To track what is completed you simply remove the post it note!
As a team member its great in the morning to walk in to the office and quickly glance at the important events happening that day. Kanban  / Scrum boards don’t just need to be used for work tasks.
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