Should We Stop Sprint Reviews?

Stop Sprint Review

How Important is the Sprint Review?

Short answer, very. Sprint Reviews are a very important part of adopting Scrum. It’s there to allow for the collection of feedback from the team on what has been built and how to move forward.

Have you ever felt though that the Sprint Review has started to lose some of its value?

Generally, Scrum has followed the same pattern; sprint, release, sprint, release….

With the advancements of Continuous Delivery and organisations building the infrastructure to deploy multiple times a day, is the Scrum Team expected to do a Review before each deployment, of give feedback on something that is already in production being used? If you are a team that is deploying as features are ready, then the traditional Sprint Review is probably not what you need.

Sprint Review for Continuous Delivery

For teams that have advanced into continuous delivery, I would suggest that you do ‘one at a time’ reviews of a feature before it goes out.

This can include one or two people from the team meeting with the product owner (and possibly stakeholders as required), to demonstrate the feature collect feedback and then get the green light to deploy or adapt based on feedback.

Instead of a formal, whole team meeting the Sprint Review can actually be dissected into many smaller ‘on the spot’ meetings. I would probably advise grouping a few features together and doing it, depending on your teams velocity you don’t want to keep distracting the product owner or stakeholders throughout the day.

However, even in these cases, it still might be useful to do a formal meeting. Amongst other things, its a great way to update stakeholders on what has been deployed, and even the rest of the team.

It really all depends on how quickly your team can release to production, the type of product you make and the availability of other people required in the meeting. You may think your team has outgrown the Sprint Review, however, the meeting was created for a reason and I still think there is benefit in doing a variation of it before you release anything to be used.


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