Scrum Master, Not Scrum Manager

Not Scrum Manager

A Scrum Master is not a Manager Often organisations new to Scrum and trying to implement it struggle with the Scrum Master role. I mean; its a person who the team does not report too, yet they are responsible for the process and getting things done. Its not just the organisation, people new or transitioning […]

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Scrum Masters – Protect The Team!

Protect the Team

Protect the Team A very important role of the Scrum Master is to protect the team. This can come in many forms such as uneducated stakeholders or over eager product owners. I have highlighted two things below which I think are important for the Scrum Master to protect the team from.   Complacency Remind yourself why […]

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Should We Stop Sprint Reviews?

Stop Sprint Review

How Important is the Sprint Review? Short answer, very. Sprint Reviews are a very important part of adopting Scrum. It’s there to allow for the collection of feedback from the team on what has been built and how to move forward. Have you ever felt though that the Sprint Review has started to lose some […]

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Estimate Story Points in Ranges

Story Points Range

Estimate Story Points in Ranges Someone once told me this great analogy for estimating story points. Image you have a well where you take water, and you need to transport 10 litres of water back to the village. You have a 8 litre bucket and a 13 litre bucket. Which do you use to transport […]

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What Happens if a User Story Gets Bigger?

User Stories Grow

When User Stories Get Bigger We have all been in the situation; you discuss a user story, you have a pretty good understanding of how it needs to be implemented in the system. Then when you start to work on it, you realise more work needs to be done. Its a common practice, when you […]

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7 Signs you are Failing at Scrum

Failing Scrum

7 Signs that you are failing at Scrum See below some key indicators that you are not implementing scrum at its highest efficiency:   1 – You Have Abandoned the Sprint Retrospective Your scrum team are no longer performing the Sprint Retrospective. This means your team are no longer focusing on continuous improvement of have […]

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Don’t Let the Scrum Team Burn Out

Don't Let Team Burn Out

Don’t Let the Team Burn Out Working in an industry that is faced paced and has a strong business push can be both exciting and stressful. The ability to deliver quickly, to beat your competitors is always there, and Scrum teams work hard to optimise their processes, deliver quickly and to a high quality. As […]

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When is the Best Time to Get Estimations?

Best Time for Estimates

When Should You Estimate? Most scrum teams will estimate their tasks during the Sprint Refinement / Grooming meeting. This is ok, actually its a great time to do it. You have all the members of the team together in one room and its a good opportunity to break down users stories and make sure everyone […]

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Daily Stand Up – Managing Outsiders

Managing Stand Up Visitors

Daily Stand Up Visitors Do you often get visitors to your daily stand up? I have worked with scrum teams where ‘outsiders’ like to attend and see whats going on. Sometimes they are just silent observers who just like to see whats going on, but do you ever get visitors who start to contribute, butt […]

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