When is the Best Time to Get Estimations?

Best Time for Estimates

When Should You Estimate? Most scrum teams will estimate their tasks during the Sprint Refinement / Grooming meeting. This is ok, actually its a great time to do it. You have all the members of the team together in one room and its a good opportunity to break down users stories and make sure everyone […]

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Daily Stand Up – Managing Outsiders

Managing Stand Up Visitors

Daily Stand Up Visitors Do you often get visitors to your daily stand up? I have worked with scrum teams where ‘outsiders’ like to attend and see whats going on. Sometimes they are just silent observers who just like to see whats going on, but do you ever get visitors who start to contribute, butt […]

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Scrum Isn’t A Silver Bullet

Scum isn't a Silver Bullet

Scrum Won’t Solve all the Problems I get a lot of emails and messages whenever I publish a post, usually they connect with someone and they ask for more information in fixing problems and implementing them in their company. When I ask for more information, I am often responded to with things around problems with […]

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What to do if your Sprint Derails

Sprint Derails

Did your Sprint Derail? I am sure its happened to the best of us, you spend time refactoring your backlog; getting it prioritised, everyone is on the same page. You complete your Sprint Planning and are ready for a successful sprint. What happens if you are a few days into your sprint and all of […]

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Planning Poker and Single Estimation Points

Story Points Single Point

Planning Poker Estimates Have you ever been in the situation where your planning or backlog refinement meeting gets heated, the development team are giving their estimates based on how complex they think the task is, product are complaining because the estimates are too high and they think they know better? Then maybe you try and […]

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Don’t Rename the Sprint Review

Dont Rename Review

Its called the Sprint Review for a Reason In my previous post about the Sprint Planning Meeting: The Sprint Review: The Product Owners Meeting I went through in depth regarding this Scrum ceremony. The important thing regarding this meeting is that it is a Sprint Review, not just a demo. I have heard many teams rename it […]

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Scrum Master – Make Sure!

Scrum Master Questions

You are a Scrum Master – Ask Questions, Don’t Solve Problems. Remember as a scrum master you are a facilitator first. You are not there to solve problems for the team. You might know all the answers, but you can’t give solutions to the team if you expect them to grow. Its OK to support […]

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Scrum Sprints – Give the Dev Team a Week

Dev Sprint Week

Fitting Scrum Sprints into a Year Sprints in Scrum are often two weeks, its a nice period. Working in a business, we all know that executives like to set goals and measure performance per quarter. During roadmap or project planning, you might get asked how many sprints have we completed in a quarter? This obviously […]

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