Improve your Team Communication and Collaboration

Team Communication and Collaboration

How Can you Make your Team Communication and Collaboration More Efficient? For me, team communication and collaboration are key. These are the things that make teams efficient and great. For a Software Development team; who need to concentrate on their tasks, there are many tools that can help promote collaboration and communication. Even as a […]

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The Basics of Scrum

Basics of Scrum

Basics of Scrum What are the basics of scrum? What are the core fundamentals that need to be understood and adhered to to successful implement this framework. I recently posted a slide share which can be found below: full-stack agile – Scrum Basics from Ashley-Christian Hardy The presentation just goes over the basics: Roles & […]

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Estimating in Agile: Experimentation is Key

Estimating in Agile can be really tough, everyone in software development knows; borderline impossible for most. There are so many different styles of estimation, the reason being that no one method can work for any team or project. Styles include: Story Points – where you measure the complexity of a user story based on comparison. This […]

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Agile Testing: Don’t Sacrifice It

Agile Testing

Agile Testing Agile testing – I will repeat the title of my post: Don’t sacrifice on testing! Testing is an important,  especially Agile in upholding the principle ‘Never compromise on quality‘. When on a project; and the deadline is looming – there is usually only one place to cut resource; the final step before deployment: […]

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