The Basics of Scrum

Scrum Basics

Basics of Scrum What are the basics of scrum? What are the core fundamentals that need to be understood and adhered to to successful implement this framework. Ashley-Christian Hardy Process hacker, optimizer and team motivator. Blogging my ideas, initiatives and innovations. Certified Scrum Master/ Product Owner & Agile Project Manager Please don’t forget to […]

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Project Manage Your Daily Life

Project Manage Life

Project Manage your Daily Life – Make Your Daily Life More Efficient. Not only do I practice Agile/Scrum in projects, I also adapted it in my work tasks and personal like. I project manage my daily life. For this I strongly recommend Trello: Its an online tool, that allows you to create kanban boards for […]

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Estimating in Agile: Experimentation is Key

Experiment with Testing

How to Estimate in Agile Estimating in Agile can be really tough, everyone in software development knows; borderline impossible for most. There are so many different styles of estimation, the reason being that no one method can work for any team or project. Styles include: Story Points – where you measure the complexity of a user […]

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Agile Testing: Don’t Sacrifice It

Dont Sacrifice on Testing

Agile Testing Agile testing – I will repeat the title of my post: Don’t sacrifice on testing! Testing is an important,  especially Agile in upholding the principle ‘Never compromise on quality‘. When on a project; and the deadline is looming – there is usually only one place to cut resource; the final step before deployment: […]

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Agile Myths and Misconceptions

Agile Myths

There are many Agile myths, in my opinion most people forget that its a ‘framework’, a model to be tailored to your needs. If you take an Agile guidebook, and try to apply it ‘by the book’, its probably not going to fit your company or needs 100%. Below are some of the main myths […]

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