Agile Team Organisation: Squads, Chapters, Tribes and Guilds

Squads, Tribes & Guilds

Agile Team Organisation: Squads, Chapters, Tribes and Guilds There is a growing trend around agile company organization reorganization with Agile and Scrum.   Why Reorganise? Obviously building a product that is flexible, high quality and that can react to market demand quickly is important, but for me having a process and organization that emulates this is as equally as important. “Don’t just fix the product, fix […]

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Tips for Distributed Team: The Live Window

Live Window

The Live Window See your scrum distributed team in real-time. It happens quite a lot these days; scrum teams are often distributed across various locations. In one of my previous companies my team were split between two locations. This obviously brings many complications such as communication, meetings, collaboration and team building. There are many tools […]

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Sprint Planning: Remember it’s a Sprint, not a Marathon

Sprint Planning

What is Sprint Planning? Sprint planning is a time-boxed meeting that is conducted at the beginning of the sprint, where the team and the product owner discusses and decides on the work that will be completed in the sprint. Generally, the meeting is split into two: What & How.   What? The product owner brings […]

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Daily Stand Up: The Art of Standing Up and Talking

Daily Stand Up

What is the Daily Stand Up? This is a daily meeting (usually in the morning), which allows the team to remain updated on progress and identify roadblocks. The meeting should not take more than 15 minutes, and each person should have no more than 2 minutes to speak. Each person in the team should answer […]

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Improve your Team Communication and Collaboration

Using Slack

How Can you Make your Team Communication and Collaboration More Efficient? For me, team communication and collaboration are key. These are the things that make teams efficient and great. For a Software Development team; who need to concentrate on their tasks, there are many tools that can help promote collaboration and communication. Even as a […]

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The Basics of Scrum

Scrum Basics

Basics of Scrum What are the basics of scrum? What are the core fundamentals that need to be understood and adhered to to successful implement this framework. Ashley-Christian Hardy Process hacker, optimizer and team motivator. Blogging my ideas, initiatives and innovations. Certified Scrum Master/ Product Owner & Agile Project Manager Please don’t forget to […]

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Project Manage Your Daily Life

Project Manage Life

Project Manage your Daily Life – Make Your Daily Life More Efficient. Not only do I practice Agile/Scrum in projects, I also adapted it in my work tasks and personal like. I project manage my daily life. For this I strongly recommend Trello: Its an online tool, that allows you to create kanban boards for […]

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