Why Do Agile Companies Do Better?

Agile Companies Do Better

Preaching Agile Whenever an agile practitioner is selling reasons to adopt an agile approach; in general or one of the the specific methodologies like Scrum, Kanban or XP, they always focus on the benefits (as they should). These usually include: Working at a sustainable pace Working in collaborative, self-organising and collaborative teams Working in a […]

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Scrum Isn’t A Silver Bullet

Scum isn't a Silver Bullet

Scrum Won’t Solve all the Problems I get a lot of emails and messages whenever I publish a post, usually they connect with someone and they ask for more information in fixing problems and implementing them in their company. When I ask for more information, I am often responded to with things around problems with […]

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Don’t Rename the Sprint Review

Dont Rename Review

Its called the Sprint Review for a Reason In my previous post about the Sprint Planning Meeting: The Sprint Review: The Product Owners Meeting I went through in depth regarding this Scrum ceremony. The important thing regarding this meeting is that it is a Sprint Review, not just a demo. I have heard many teams rename it […]

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Scrum Master – Make Sure!

Scrum Master Questions

You are a Scrum Master – Ask Questions, Don’t Solve Problems. Remember as a scrum master you are a facilitator first. You are not there to solve problems for the team. You might know all the answers, but you can’t give solutions to the team if you expect them to grow. Its OK to support […]

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Blockers Don’t Exist in Agile

Blockers Don't Exist

Blockers Don’t Exist in Agile! But not in the way you are thinking. Terminology is very important, not just in our professional capacity, but also in life. Words have connotations, especially something so drastic as a ‘Blocker’. Think about it though, does everything on a project stop when someone mentions a ‘blocker’? Not really, what […]

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User Stories – One Story To Rule Them All

One User Story

One User Story, Multiple Roles When creating users stories, you might find on occasion they can become quite complicated, especially when you are dealing with multiple use cases; for example back office admins, customer functionality, different clients. Lets take a very basic example “As a premium customer, I want to be able to access the […]

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How to Scale Scrum Teams

Scaling Scrum Teams

How do you scale scrum teams? Growing Teams I would say that there is a tipping point in every organization; that point where your product or company starts to get some traction and demand rapidly starts to increase. There is a point where you need to seriously start to consider about scaling your team structure. […]

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How to Track ‘Non-Scrum’ Events?

Non Scrum Events

Tracking Events So anyone who practices Agile, Scrum or Kanban etc will know that there are key events that must take place during the sprint: Sprint Planning Daily Stand ups Sprint Retrospective Sprint Review Backlog Refinement Most of these are recurring, they happen at the same time each week and become second nature and part of […]

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