Estimate Story Points in Ranges

Story Points Range

Estimate Story Points in Ranges Someone once told me this great analogy for estimating story points. Image you have a well where you take water, and you need to transport 10 litres of water back to the village. You have a 8 litre bucket and a 13 litre bucket. Which do you use to transport […]

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When is the Best Time to Get Estimations?

Best Time for Estimates

When Should You Estimate? Most scrum teams will estimate their tasks during the Sprint Refinement / Grooming meeting. This is ok, actually its a great time to do it. You have all the members of the team together in one room and its a good opportunity to break down users stories and make sure everyone […]

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Agile Myths and Misconceptions

Agile Myths

There are many Agile myths, in my opinion most people forget that its a ‘framework’, a model to be tailored to your needs. If you take an Agile guidebook, and try to apply it ‘by the book’, its probably not going to fit your company or needs 100%. Below are some of the main myths […]

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